Most of our partners have a beautiful collection of furniture and offer a wide standard range in their finishing. We believe every project is a reflection of your personality and every person is unique, we don’t like to do the same thing twice. Together with you, we search for that look and feel that suits your project, and where we can we give it a personal twist. We push our partners out of their comfort zone and like to personalize the furniture to your needs and desires.


First, we listen to your story. We try to understand your business, your plans and your ambitions. Together with you and your architect or designer we go over the project and try to understand exactly what you are looking for. In some cases, there is already a mood-board for the project, the materials for flooring, walls and ceiling are determined and there is a plan for the set-up of the furniture. If not, no worries we can help create those for you.  

Creative Process

When the plans have been rolled-out, we talk about the options: In what price-range can we offer items, what deadlines do we have to make and what kind of usage will the furniture undergo? It is clear that a public swimming pool requires a different approach than a gastronomic restaurant. The more detailed information we receive, the more precise we can make our proposal. In any case we search for different options and fill in the needs as required. This process can take from a few hours up to several months, depending on the size and the timing of the project.

We invite you to our showroom and go through the proposal, showing different items and finishings. With our unique and vast collection of materials, leathers and fabrics and the help of our professional decorators we search for the right texture and colour to match your project. If necessary, we can make a mock-up model or mock-up room to help you see the final result. 


At a certain point when deadlines come closer it is time to take the final decisions about quantities, materials and finishings. Ideally this is 8 to 10 weeks before opening, which gives us the time to order all the items and have them produced. We stock the items and when you are ready, we plan the delivery. When we make a commitment, we keep our promise and respect your deadline in any way we can. From that point on, there are no more worries for you as a client as we take care of the follow-up, the assembling and the installation of all furniture as agreed at the order.

So you can sit down, lay back and enjoy your new interior.